Glorious Mai Bhago Ji


As one of the greatest fighters and inspirational leaders Mai Bhago holds a special place in Sikh and world history. Mai Bhago’s glorious leadership is seen during a dark time when Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Sikhs abandoned him at a critical time.
Mai Bhago addresses the arrogance and cowardice of these Sikhs and shames them for their conduct. She then inspires them to redeem their dignity by following her into battle against the Mughal forces. She convinced the 40 Sikhs to not only follow her into battle but their ferocious fighting deterred the enemy and secured victory. All 40 of these Sikhs perished in the battle, which inspired Guru Gobind Singh Ji to bestow upon them the title of “mukta” (one who is liberated).

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Glorious Mai Bhago Ji