Urban Akali Badge


The symmetrical Urban Akali logo consists of five characteristics, each represents an important part of Sikh heritage. Please visit Heritage page for a detailed description of the characteristics. The inspiration for the logo is of a coat of arms such as The Lion and Unicorn, the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom which dates back to the year 1603.

The term ‘Urban’ exemplify population or environment of the future and the ‘Akali’s’ were historical great warriors. Urban Akali is created to educate us all about Sikh heritage through the power of design and fashion. Fashion is the future and history is within the designs.  

  • Handmade metal badge 
  • 38.1 mm width
  • Antique Silver finish 
  • Metal clutch fixing
  • Black Enamel painted
  • Smart, unique and historical 
  • 3 dimensional design