First Nishan Art



Flying high above a Sikh religious place of worship is the Nishan Sahib banner. A beacon of Sikh identity. The Nishan Sahib has evolved throughout Sikh history, originally navy in colour symbolising a Katar (dagger), a Kirpan (curved blade sword) and a Dhal (shield), carried by Akali Sikhs. This embodies weapons to protect the innocent. It also represents the movement against injustice throughout Sikh history. 

The modern day symbol of the Nishan Sahib is the Khanda, Basanti (bright saffron) in colour, which to date every Gurudwara worldwide holds, so it can be recognised by all far and wide.  Taken inspiration by Ajeet Armory, illustrated from historical Arms and Armour.


  • Please note artwork images are low resolution in order to protect from copyright theft
  • Aluminium Print Glossy
  • Aluminium Print Matte
  • Lightweight but wonderfully sturdy
  • Adhesive metal hanging plate provided
  • For custom sizes, please contact Urban Akali Orders