True Kirpa, Charcoal SOLD OUT

True Kirpa ‘True Blessings’

In the first lines of the Sikh daily prayer, the Ardas, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji asks all Sikhs to remember the Supreme Being and all the Gurus. In referring to God as Guru, chose to use the unique metaphor the sword (Bhagauti).

This illustration is based on the spirituality of the Kirpan (curved blade sword). The Kirpan can only be used as a weapon to protect the innocent, the weak and defend good from evil. It also represents the struggle against injustice throughout Sikh history.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji introduced the metaphor of the Kirpan to refer to God and his qualities.

‘Swords, broadswords, knifes, guns, arrows, daggers, weapons these protect me, these are my Guru’

‘Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’

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